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I’ve been seeing this article (The Goddess As A Spiritual Bypass) circulate around my many bubbles, and you know what? I am STILL going to call you a Goddess. (Or a God, depending on the weather). Do you want to know why? Because you are the Human form of Source, and that’s precisely what a Goddess is. Humans CREATED this idea so us mere mortals could put the energy of SOURCE in a human body because we need to be able to connect with something that LOOKS like US.

The problem with this article is that its foundation is based on a shaky premise. It starts by using a pretty standard American definition of Goddess: A female God. A female deity. A woman who is adored especially for her beauty. Believed to have power over a particular part of the world or nature in myths and religions. Having supernatural powers or attributes. A “ supreme being of supernatural power, an immortal mythic figure of worship, birthed from the heavens and ruling over earth”.

So who’s definition is this? Because when I’ve researched Goddesses and Gods, they are FAR from perfection in MANY religions. Look at the African Ifa/ Yoruba traditions where they are INTENTIONALLY meant to be “flawed and scarred”. Their Gods and Goddesses aren’t free of suffering, rape, and emotional scarring as with the Ocean Goddess Yemaya, the primary Mother-Goddess of Ifa/ Yoruba, was raped by her son multiple times and committed suicide. The Greek Gods were morally dubious and pretty f’d up. Baubo, the Greek Goddess of laughter, is basically a bawdy, headless, laughing vagina on legs. Egyptian Gods were weak and distressed. Medusa and Kali will consume you until there is nothing left. I fail to see where this idea of perfection and beauty comes in except when exploring the Christian/ Monotheistic idea of God which is like equating apples and american cheese as the same thing.

The archetypal storylines of Gods and Goddesses are meant to teach us how to be more human and how to connect to our own inner connection with Source. Mother Earth isn’t a Goddess, she IS Source because we come FROM her.

So lets dive deeper into the idea of a Goddess instead of giving her this superficial ego-trip on physical appearances. You are a Goddess because you bleed, because you sing, because you feel and process and grieve, give birth and die. Because you are scarred and because you are sacred. Because you ARE divine AND unaligned. Because you hold ALL TRUTH within your being, every extent of the universe in this small, mortal body. And to me, that makes you a Goddess.

And so it is, and it will always be.

May the Goddess reign supreme

In us f’d up Human Beings

Picture & Article property of Lauren Arrow, 2017

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