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"It's Happening" awarded top-ten album of the year by the Marin independent journal!

Paul Liberatore

December 30th, 2016 

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Rock ’n’ roll lost way too many of its brightest stars in 2016. As if the list wasn’t long enough, this damn year had to squeeze in one more before it slinks off tomorrow night. The passing of British pop icon George Michael on Christmas Day left his fans grief-stricken, including one of my daughters, who broke down in tears at the news.

We have his music, though, and the music of all the others on the records they left us. And while it was a sad year for artists on the world stage, it was, thankfully, another strong year for albums by Marin musicians. I reviewed more than 40 local records in 2016 in Press Play and Lib at Large. Here’s my top 10.

• “It’s Happening” — The 11 original folk-pop-Americana songs on this sensational debut from Larkspur’s Lauren Arrow announced the arrival of a bright new artist on the Bay Area scene. It’s hard to believe that five years ago, this former office manager for Bread & Roses was terrified of singing in public.

Other artists on the list: Bonnie Raitt, Bob Weir and more

marin independent journal - music review

‘It’s Happening,” newcomer Lauren Arrow’s joyful debut

by Paul Liberatore, Aug 18 2018

Listening to “It’s Happening,” the sensational debut album from Larkspur’s Lauren Arrow, it’s hard to believe that five years ago, this talented singer-songwriter was terrified of singing in public.

Blessed with an earthy alto, she sings with the joyful assurance of someone who’s been performing for people all of her life. And it’s a good thing for music lovers that she’s come out of her shell because her 11 original folk-pop-Americana songs on “It’s Happening” announce the arrival of a bright new artist on the Bay Area scene.

No one-trick pony, she’s equally at home on the ecstatic earth anthem, “Oh No,” a sing-along with harmonies and laughter provided by a choir of happy voices, as she is with the soulful, sensual “Body,” a ballad in which she asks her body for forgiveness for not always loving all of its parts.

She continues her theme of self affirmation on “Year of the Horse,” a powerful tune that opens with the scolding lyric, “You are not like the other girls and you have got to stop comparing yourself to them!” Somehow she manages to fit lines like that into memorable melodies, a rare talent.

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Lauren Arrow — It's Happening!

Featured Artist Week of August 14th, 2016 Issue #14 

By Tara Divina

You would never know it, but 5 years ago Lauren Arrow had severe stage fright and didn't sing. If you met her today, you'd see this incredibly open, energetic, radiant, self confident and outrageously talented musician in front of you and ask, "how is that possible?" The answer is revealed in every exquisitely crafted song on her debut album, It's Happening!, which tells the story of how she came into her voice, her creativity and ultimately transformed her own life into a lively celebration. Listen to it and you'll be dancing and singing along with her in no time, which is definitely her master plan. It's hard to pick favorites on this album but I particularly love "Ashes." To listen to the album, click here.

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"Well, I'm not quite sure where to begin. I have been listening to this album on repeat since I purchased it a few weeks ago. Lauren's voice is like the smell of brown butter and maple syrup wafting through a forest of fir trees. It's complex, sultry, and stirs emotions of comfort and longing. The album guides the listener through a playful and vulnerable journey of self-healing. Her words will anchor into your mind leaving the sweetest mantras behind. The years of work that went into this musical gift shine through on every track. This album is a beautiful reminder that patience, dedication, and vulnerability yield incredible magic." - Vyana

I love Lauren's music so much... no wonder I can keep listening to it over and over... as it is so infused with such raw honesty... translation: Awesome Message / Poetry!! Her care, combined with wise unconditionally honesty has been cultivated into diamonds of wisdom to which all of us can relate! My Gosh, this Ancient Wisdom (being effortlessly channeled through her generous healing heart)... COMBINED with her beautiful skill and ear for incredible music.... and then... bringing the PERFECT artists together... is certainly Alchemy for magic. Love it!!! (p.s. Is there an option for 7 stars... ummm... this is 7 star material)"


"WOW!! This album is absolutely incredible. I have been playing this on repeat since I got it and it keeps getting better and better. Listening to this is like a giant hug for your soul that you receive through your ears. The amount of care, love, and attention to detail Lauren put into this album can be felt on every track. Her lyrics are powerful and expressive, and her voice soothes the soul. The other musicians on this album are extremely talented and you can tell from their contributions they have a deep respect for Lauren and her music. "It's Happening" has been extremely well-produced and flows seamlessly from start to finish. I highly recommend buying the album and not just the download so you can own the beautiful artwork and unique layout contained within. Thank you Lauren for putting your heart, soul, and so much love into your music and creating such an amazing album."


"I've been listening to this album for days and it is blowing me away!! Such depth, wisdom, magic in it. I can really tell how much work went into it, but also how much deep, juicy joy! What an accomplishment. Lauren shares her heart and soul in a way that frees others to share theirs! I'm loving "Year of the Horse," "Carrots and Peas," and "Ashes" especially."


"It has been about 3 weeks since I was blessed with this album and 3 weeks since almost anything else has been playing on my 45 minute commute to and from work. This sensationally sweet, sensitive, at times seductive album captivates with deeply powerful and sultry vocals backed by insanely talented instrumentation. This album is medicine for the people and I recommend you do yourself a loving solid and listen and support this Goddess Diva Queen and her band by buying the album. Personal favorites besides every single song are "it's hapening," "carrots and peas," "queen B," and "ashes". My roomate and I have a rule that we only listen to Queen B when in the car i kid you not!! Happy birthday and happy holidays to all my friends bc this is what I am gifting you."

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