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ProcessSING Groups!

Since 2013, Lauren has been holding specialized Women's Singing groups to help open the voices of those afraid to sing. In this time, she's worked with thousands of women throughout the world to help women open their voice, feel safe singing with others, learn to play an instrument and write songs. She has facilitated hundreds of singing circles and specialized groups, such as Reclaim Your Voice, Ukulady Music Group, 13 Moons Sisters, Soulful Singing Sisterhood, Bloom into Song, and the Activated Songstress. Through the years, Lauren has seen women who held deep beliefs that they could not sing or had no creative ability blossom into song-writing, stage-performing Monstresses. Maybe you're one of them?


Click here to check out the website, or here to read testimonials.

"Lauren is a skilled and sensitive coach and guide, who has obviously found her true calling with this work. I am a singer who has been actively performing for years, and Lauren was able to help me hone in on some very specific blocks that I have been working with. I would highly recommend her services no matter where you are in your journey around self expression." -Melita,

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